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Julie Adlard

JULIE ADLARD studied Combined Craft Design at South Bank University and Advanced Ceramics & Painting at Kingston College

Phil Atkin

PHIL ATKIN grew up in Sheffield, and was always fascinated by molten metal, but he never imagined that he would become a pewter craftsman

Fiona Bates

FIONA BATES was born in Australia and grew up on the South Coast of Britain, moving to London to study ceramics at Central, St Martin’s School of Art and Design

Kim Bentley

KIM BENTLEY'S daily walk's, with her Airedale Terrier, Tashi Delek, tap into the innumerable aspects of contemporary life that make Cornwall's untainted beaches so special; children with sandcastles, picnickers and surfers, kite fliers and other dog walkers - and those of us just there to marvel at the loveliness of it all

Mike Bernard

MIKE BERNARD was born in 1957, trained at the West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham, and followed this with postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools

Rachel Berrington

RACHEL BERRINGTON is originally from Mevagissey, and has lived and worked in Cornwall for most of her life

Wooden Birds

Designed in the UK by a British carver, our wooden birds are handcarved by craftsmen on Bali, an island which is famous for it's centuries old tradition old wood carving traditions

Paula Bolton

PAULA BOLTON is a self-taught designer with very original ideas, she is influenced by her extensive travels, art, nature and her rapidly overflowing walled garden

Rob Braybrooks

ROB BRAYBROOKS lives in West Cornwall, and draws on a career in design education and engineering

John Brenton

JOHN BRENTON was born in 1964 and grew up in the Cornish village of Nanpean

John Brenton


Sarah Jane Brown


Marc Brown

MARC BROWN was a foreman brick-maker at a traditional hand-made brickworks at South Cove for three years before attending Lowestoft Art School (1990-92) and Manchester Metropolitan University (1992-95)

Catherine Carsley

CATHERINE CARSLEY graduated from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2003 with a BA (Hons) in ceramics

Craig Carsley

CRAIG CARSLEY was born in 1979 and educated in Wales

Jo Coffey

JO COFFEY's father started to teach her to pot when she was eight or nine years old

Alistair Common

ALISTAIR COMMON has been living and working in West Cornwall since 1980

The Cornish Jewellery Company

THE CORNISH JEWELLERY COMPANY's jewellery is made from pewter which is an alloy of tin (92%) with copper and antimony (to harden the metal)

Shane Couch

SHANE COUCH - Shane was born in Lancashire in 1963 and inherited a deep love of the sea from his father who has Cornish roots

Timothy Easton


Timothy Easton

TIMOTHY EASTON has held many one man exhibitions since 1970 in America, Europe, London and around England

James Eddy

JAMES EDDY is inspired by the furious movement and flowing forms created by fish shoals, especially the bait balls formed when fish are herded and attacked by dolphins, tuna and birds

David Eustace

DAVID EUSTACE was encouraged by his school art teacher to follow an artistic career, but financial constraints forced him to take up a carpentry apprenticeship

Victor Stuart Graham

VICTOR STUART GRAHAM trained as a graphic designer and gained an MA at the Royal College in Textiles

Stuart Grant

STUART GRANT lives in St Veep on the River Fowey

Sasha Harding

SASHA HARDING grew up in Dorset near the sea

Neil Hardy

NEIL HARDY'S inspired humour has created "Evolutionary Blunders", an eclectic collection of automata

Michael Harvey

MICHAEL HARVEY was born in Hampstead, London and developed a love of drawing at an early age after watching his great uncle Bernard Partridge KG working on his intricate illustrations as principal cartoonist for Punch

Mike Hindle

MIKE HINDLE studied Fine Art at West Surrey College of Art and Design, before moving to Brighton, where he worked from various studios in and around the Old Lanes area

Amanda Hoskin

AMANDA HOSKIN studed at Falmouth and Chelsea Art School before spending several years working as a wildlife illustrator

Jill Hudson

JILL HUDSON is a graduate of Falmouth College of Arts

Gordon Hunt

GORDON HUNT has been a practicing artist and designer for over thirty years, since leaving college with a degree in Graphic Design

Heather Hunt

HEATHER HUNT studied ceramics at Stoke on Trent and lives in Fowey

Susan Jacks

SUSAN JACKS - Shortly after I finished studying art at Winchester, my partner found a derelict portacabin, which he brought back to our home on Tadley Common in Hampshire

Hannah Marshall Jewellery

HANNAH MARSHALL grew up in Cornwall but now lives in Brighton, however she frequents the South West to beachcomb and look for new materials especially sea glass and sea pottery - shards of broken bottles, plates and tiles eroded by the tides against the sand over many years to smooth the edges

Hart-Star Unlimited Jewellery

HART-STAR UNLIMITED JEWELLERY are hand-made designs inspired by Cornwall and created by Neil Hartwell, the ex-Morris dancer, who lives up the hill in Fowey

Bernard Jones

BERNARD JONES has a degree in Fine Art from Durham University, and has taught design and ceramics in schools and colleges for over 30 years

Cliff Jones

CLIFF JONES first taught himself pottery processes as a creative way of escaping city life in Coventry

Suzanne Lanchbury

SUZANNE LANCHBURY is a ceramic artist who hand builds sculptures describing animal and bird forms

Emily Lawlor

EMILY LAWLOR graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Public Art and Design at Chelsea Art College in 1994

Kevin Longstaff

KEVIN LONGSTAFF gained a degree in Chemical Engineering, before having a successful career in Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Catriona MacEachen

CATRIONA MACEACHEN is a professional artist living in Fife

Glyn Macey


Hilke Macintyre

HILKE MACINTYRE was born and grew up in Germany near the Danish border

Suzie Marsh

SUZIE MARSH studied at Brighton and Exeter Colleges of Art and obtained her degree in ceramic sculpture in 1982

Debs Martin

DEBS MARTIN decided in 2012 to give up her career in the corporate world and study art at New College Nottingham

Serena McCartney

SERENA MCCARTNEY was born in 1975 and brought up in Cornwall

Sarah McCormack

SARAH MCCORMACK was born in Harrow in 1966, studied Art at Harrow College of further education and subsequently completed a BA Hon’s at Sunderland College of Art & Design in Glass & Ceramics

Jamie Medlin

Think you are looking at a photograph? Think again, look very carefully indeed and you might just spot a brush stroke in Jamie’s incredibly realistic paintings

Jamie Medlin


John Mellows

JOHN MELLOWS was born in Surrey and attended Portsmouth Grammar School before training at Sandhurst and gaining a commission in the Royal Artillery

Tina Morgan

TINA MORGAN studied art and design in Cornwall before becoming art director for a number of top London advertising agencies

Lawrence Murley

LAWRENCE MURLEY is a sculptor living near Chysauster in West Penwith, Cornwall

Katie Murton

KATIE MURTON BA (Hons) attended a foundation course in Art and Design at Kingston Polytechnic (1988-89) followed by a degree course in Ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic (1989-92)

Will Nash

WILL NASH was born in 1961 and commenced his career by training as a jeweller and studying and producing ornate plasterwork

Chrissy Norman

CHRISSY NORMAN was born in Suffolk, and knows its landscape well and constantly turns to it for inspiration

Fay Page

FAY PAGE lives with her family in the Isles of Scilly on the small island of St Martin's

Elissa Palser

ELISSA PALSER individually creates life size ceramic British birds, hand made and hand painted in stoneware

Kate Panter

KATE PANTER has a small studio at her home near Watergate Bay and is influenced by her surroundings and proximity to the coast, recreating that life and motion of the sea in her own original style

Merope Pease

MEROPE PEASE Art has been influenced by Art, literally from birth

Tregear Pottery

NEIL TREGEAR works from a small studio attached to his house, which is situated on the rocky and wild South coast of the Isle of Wight

Judith Rackley

JUDITH RACKLEY first trained at Harrow School of Art

Bryony Rich

BRYONY RICH studied Art, Fashion and Textiles at Carmarthen and Llanelli CCTA College

Catherine Rich

CATHERINE RICH read English Literature at Bristol University before teaching for many years in Cambridge

Sue Richardson

SUE RICHARDSON has always been concerned with the human form, and her inspiration comes from everyday life occurrences; the way people behave and react to one another

Kate Richardson

KATE RICHARDSON, originally from Guildford, came to Cornwall fifteen years ago and quickly fell in love with the place she now calls home

David Rust

Lincolnshire born, David Rust studied at the Loughborough College of Art in the early 1960’s and for the last thirty five years has worked as a full time artist

Suzy Sharpe

SUZY SHARPE'S work seeks to explore ideas beneath our surface perceptions of animals, to encourage us to ask questions about our relationship with them and the roles that animals play in our lives

Nicholas Smith

NICHOLAS SMITH LIMITED EDITION PRINTS These reproductions are printed using Epsom inks on finest quality archival cotton paper and are presented in acid free mounts with backboards and are gallery wrapped

Nicholas Smith

NICHOLAS SMITH was born in 1960, the son of one of Britain's foremost landscape artists, Caesar Smith, Nicholas has worked as a full time artist for the whole of his working life

Michael Strang

MICHAEL STRANG trained at Wimbledon and Camberwell Schools of Art from 1968 to 1973, studying under David Poole, President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters

Lindsay Telling

LINDSAY TELLING is a Bristol based artist, who also lives in Fowey for part of the year

John Tregembo

JOHN TREGEMBO was born in Padstow and has always painted and drawn

Eric Ward

ERIC WARD was born and bred in St Ives, and is one of its few native professional artists

Benjamin Warner

BENJAMIN WARNER was born in 1970

Linda Warrick

LINDA WARRICK has had a strong affinity for clay ever since, as a child, she first worked with it

Stephanie Weaver

STEPHANIE WEAVER studied Art in the Community at Reading School and College of Art

Carys Avery Welsh

CARYS AVERY WELSH creates partially abstract acrylic landscapes typically depicting the sea or a body of water that aim to subvert the stereotypical picturesque depiction of seascapes and in turn challenge the audience

Rob Whelpton

ROB WHELPTON was born in 1952

Andrew White

ANDREW WHITE was born in Louth, Lincolnshire in 1968 and Andrew displayed a keen interest and ability in the arts from an early age

Amy Whittingham

AMY WHITTINGHAM is inspired by liminal space, geometric forms and textural surfaces, empowering process and makers marks

Nick J Williams

NICK J WILLIAMS is a Cornish based artist specialising in oil painting

Helen Williams

HELEN WILLIAMS' paintings use objects, wildlife and settings around Fowey to tell stories of Cornwall

Lisa Woollett

LISA WOOLLETT grew up by the sea on the Isle of Sheppey

Jenny Wynne Jones

JENNY WYNNE JONES trained at Bromley and Portsmouth College of Art and took a post-graduate Diploma at London University